Top 10 Attractions

Welcome to Las Vegas! If you expect a city of cardboard and plastic, full of superficiality, leisure and fun, that’s what you’re going to find, but be careful because this artificial madness in the middle of the Nevada desert is able to offer anyone who decides to visit it a full cocktail capable of captivating you. If you travel to the West Coast of the United States, don’t miss this guide with the best things to see and do in Las Vegas, a city that, for better or worse, you will never forget.

And as our experience in Las Vegas was most complete and we had a great time, here are the recommendations that you’ll enjoy the city of casinos.

  1. Walk the Strip

The Strip is the most famous avenue in Las Vegas, the one you’ve seen a thousand times in movies or pictures with all the casinos on the side. The street is 6 kilometers long and goes approximately, from the famous sign of ” Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” to the Tower of the Stratosphere hotel, where we were staying.

My recommendation is that you go through it both day and night, looking at the two scenes so different that it leaves this great avenue with the sunlight and when it falls and all the neons turn on.

I did it walking, but the truth is that the heat tightens during the day and the hustle and bustle can overwhelm during the night so if you want you can catch The Deuce, a bus that runs all the way down the street all day and stops at the most popular hotels.

Another recommendation is that you avoid the car. We arrived in Las Vegas at the end of the afternoon and to get to the Stratosphere hotel where we stayed we took a lot, at least two hours to travel these six kilometers. Traffic is infernal.

  1. Climb to the Roller-Coaster-Hotel New York, New York

If I had to describe to you the feeling of climbing on this roller coaster with one word, it would be: mind-blowing! You go in there, you buy your ticket, you line up, and when it hits you, you get on your car, and suddenly, what looked like a small roller coaster town fair, becomes an incredible, super-stimulating attraction. Climbs, descents, impossible turns … and all this between the walls of a hotel!! I ended up very excited about the experience and I have no doubt that climbing the New York roller coaster, New York is one of the best things to see and do in Las Vegas!

Check here all you need about the hotel New York, New York Las Vegas.

  1. Take a picture of yourself on the poster of “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas»

Sometimes you have to do the tourist and it is also the sea of fun. In Las Vegas, it’s imperative to go to that poster you’ve seen of dozens of movies, located in the southern part of Las Vegas Boulevard, near the Mandalay Bay hotel, put yourself right below and take a welcome photo. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.

  1. Play a few bucks at your favorite casino.

If you’re going on a trip to Vegas, one of the things you have to do is gamble a few dollars at one of the casinos. He thinks a lot of these have been in movies. Casinos like the Bellagio, The Venetian, Luxor, etc. are famous and fun and it’s funny to see you in there. Whether at roulette, poker, black jack or typical slots, you probably miss out on what you bet so do it with control.

Take the opportunity to have a mojito or margarita, the drinks are free while you play so ask the waiters without fear and leave them some tips!!

With any luck, you’ll be as lucky as I am, that I played $ 50 at roulette and left the casino with more than $ 200 that served me to pay for a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon the next day, which I’ll tell you about later.

  1. Look for a watch inside any casino

Do it, but don’t get your hopes up, there are no watches in Las Vegas casinos! Not a single Watch to lose track of time in there and spend your hours flying. Beyond curiosity, you’re just not going to find watches, so, you better take yours. it’s not going to be the night that’s on you.