Outstanding Hiking Trails

The eight most beautiful trails in the world cross some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet and are suitable for all audiences.

  1. Trail W, P. N. Torres del Paine, Chile.

It is a remarkable path that gets in Torres del Paine National forest and also runs glaciers, colossal towers, and granite and even rock horns, shallows as well as valleys and also enables to see unique plants and also fauna. The complete path covers 76 kilometers, and also its landmarks are the Grey Glacier, the Eco-friendly Valley as well as the Paine Towers.

  1. Landmannalaugar, Iceland.

This route that runs through southern Iceland is a compendium of the landscapes that make up the country: volcanoes, glaciers, fumaroles, lava fields, mountains, and beautiful waterfalls. In general, it is not a complicated route, it is very well signposted, and the road is made with comfort.

  1. Marangu Route, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

This perpetual snow mountain located in the heart of Africa is also known as Uhuru Peak. Its 5,895 meters make it the highest mountain in the continent and, despite that, it is considered that the ascent to the summit is of the most affordable. Many marked routes help you reach the summit in 4 or 5 nights. The reward is the path itself, with landscapes that change during the ascension, from the most impenetrable jungle to the lunar landscape.

  1. Senda Pirenaica, Pyrenees, Spain.

This long-distance path (GR 11) crosses the entire Pyrenean mountain range in about 750 kilometers, from the Cantabrian Sea (Cabo de Higuer) to the Mediterranean (Cabo de Creus). It is signposted almost entirely by white and red marks, and its stages generally run between towns, shelters or shelters.

  1. Sentiero Azurro, Cinque Terre, Italy.

The trail connects five colorful villages-Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore – that climb on the cliff facing the Mediterranean Sea. The Sentiero Azurro (Blue Road) embraces the Rocky Ligurian coast, which can only be reached on foot or by train and runs through vineyards and cliffs over the sea. Along the way, we are accompanied by the scent of wild herbs and the fragrance of pine trees. The primary route consists of seven kilometers, although it can be extended with rodeos by the nearby hills.

  1. GR20, Corsica.

The spectacular GR-20 crosses the island of Corsica for 180 kilometers and runs through the Corsica Regional Natural Park in 16 stages. The incision is located in the town of Valenza, in the Northwest, and culminates in Conca, in the Southeast. This hiking route is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe, and although it has sections that involve considerable difficulty, it is always possible to choose more affordable stages that also constitute a unique experience.

  1. Yosemite National park, United States

The park has an extensive network of trails of different difficulty, including the Valley Loop Trail and the Sentinel Dome route. In addition to attracting thousands of hikers a year, it is considered an actual climbing Paradise.

  1. Hadrian’s Wall, England.

This ancient Roman fortification built to prevent the incursions of the northern tribes, the wall of Adriano, a World Heritage Site, is a fantastic place to walk. It is 135 kilometers of a route from Newcastle, on the east coast, to Bownes-on-Solway, in the West, which traverses spectacular landscapes such as Northumberland National Park.