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GOTM: November Geocacher Of The Month
LV Hiker writes "Congratulations to Anneke13 for being selected as November’s Geocacher Of The Month.

As many of you know the normal, and I’m hesitant to use that term in reference to this person, author of the GOTM article…Zareh…is having some personal issues. These personal issues have prevented him from penning this month’s article. He has come to me on bended knee and practically begged me to write this month’s article. After lengthy consideration I’ve decided to come out of my self imposed writing exile for this month’s article.

I’m sure the multitudes of geocachers throughout the land are curious as to why LV Hiker would concede to such a request. Thus I feel the need to explain myself…..

…On second thought no I don’t. Suffice it to say that Anneke13 and I are kindred spirits.

So without further ado, I present this months Geocacher Of The Month…..Anneke13 (APPLAUSE)"

Posted by Rusty_tlc on Thursday, November 17 @ 12:40:47 CST (472 reads)

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GOTM: Belated GOTM of October!
zareh writes "Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to take the time to make a couple of announcements. First, I would really like to congratulate Jobosomo Folks for winning the Geocacher of the Month for October. It took a while to get the article up (since they were on a short vacation, and not to mention my moving and no internet service), but I am sure that everyone understands that life does tend to keep you busy. I am sure that you would agree that this is a very entertaining article. They have provided very interesting answers. I hope that you will enjoy and get to know your fellow cachers in a more profound manner.

My second announcement is to relinquish my role in writing the Geocacher of the Month articles."

Posted by administrator on Saturday, November 12 @ 22:56:04 CST (316 reads)

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GPS modernization begins with Delta rocket launch
Geohabit writes "A Boeing Delta 2 booster pierced the night sky Sunday evening, successfully launching the first modernized Global Positioning System satellite to build a bridge from the navigation network of today to the advancements of tomorrow."

Posted by Rusty_tlc on Wednesday, October 05 @ 21:52:27 CDT (305 reads)

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GOTM: Geocacher of the Month for September!
zareh writes "Well, here it is folks! It was a long wait, but it was worth every minute! What an article! I really didn’t expect such a great outcome, but as you read on you will learn a lot of amazing things about our fellow cachers, Fire & Ice!

What a great team! This father and daughter seem to be the perfect duo. I know that when I have children I will definitely want the same relationship that they share each day. They are an inspiration to every family.

A BIG congratulations to both of you Fire & Ice! You two have accomplished so much in such little time. You have made yourself well know to every cacher in the valley, and offer a helping hand to anyone in need of it. Now, you have been awarded Geocacher of the Month for September, and will be remembered for all of your hard work and achievements! Well done!

I am looking forward to the 2nd annual CITO event. I know that it will be a great success for both the Geocachers and the community!

Posted by Rusty_tlc on Wednesday, September 21 @ 09:40:21 CDT (346 reads)

Read More… | 10810 bytes more | 5 comments | GOTM | Score: 4.71)

GOTM: Geocacher of the month goes to Imapackrat!
Zareh writes Well, congratulations to the well renowned Geocacher, Imapackrat! I am very glad to see that you won the title for the Geocacher of the Month!

I hope that we all can learn a lot more from the answers that you provide.

Thank you very much, Zareh. We are honored and grateful for your hard work putting this together.

Here are the questions that I asked. I know that you will learn that Imapackrat is a very nice guy with a lot of wit about him! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Posted by Rusty_tlc on Monday, August 22 @ 16:20:28 CDT (389 reads)

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How many "Did Not Finds" do you estimate you have?



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