Beautiful Golfing Courses

Are you a golf lover? Now you no longer have to choose between playing and going sightseeing, as some fields are so spectacular that even non-fans would go to visit them because of their beauty and particularity. Golf-related travel is already a big business in the sector all around the world. The promoters know this and are designing golf courses different as you select.

Golf has been a sport of high precision where the objective is to introduce a bill into the holes that are distributed by the field with the least number of blows possible, using for each of them a type of shock, with a set of sticks slightly different from each other, as the head of the rod has various degrees.

Likewise, the rods have different lengths to hit the golf ball. Over the years, various golf courses have been built around the world. Currently, we relate the 3 Best considered worldwide.

  1. Chameleon Mayakoba (Mexico)

The course at the top of our list is known as the Camaleón Mayakoba, designed by Greg Norman has 18 holes along its 7,067 yards that cover different scenarios such as mangroves, rainforest, and Coast, which makes it a unique golf course in the world.

No artist does not resist drawing this magnificent landscape; any golf ball will acquire a splendid trajectory on this field.

If you want to go through the paradise of golf you must take the first punch in front of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea; Chamaeleon Mayakoba is a luxury resort located 40 minutes’ drive from Cancun, Mexico, a perfect and charming place that will make your inspiration limitless.

  1. Stone Forest International Country Club (China)

Created by Brian Curly, this magnificent course is located in Kunming, southwest of China has excellent sports activities and has three 18-hole courses, perfect to fit any golf ball.

It is surrounded by beautiful lakes and sharp rock formations that stick into the fog. A lot of professional players have stepped on this field and have been able to experience the spectacular sensations transmitted by Stone Forest.

  1. Pebble Beach Golf Links (USA)

Designed by Jack Neville, Pebble Beach serpent; and Douglas Grant, along a Wild Coast, this beautiful countryside offers full ocean views, soft slopes, high cliffs. But it is not just nature that is perceived by observing, as in the 1919 era you could feel in every hole the aura of the excellent golfers who had won grand championships there, golf balls had never acquired spectacular movements like those offered by this field touched by the divine hand. No doubt its surroundings are the ones that place it in this prestigious position.

Few golf courses are more beautiful than the Pebble Beach Golf Links, which is situated along with the rugged head of Carmel Bay, California. This park is ranked first in the public fields of the United States by Golf Digest.

“There are many more golf courses around the world, but publicly it has been shown that the three named above are those that cause great astonishment, and which have been attended by a great variety of champions from all over the world for their extraordinary beauty.”